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Unless your bathroom and kitchen countertops are brand new, your home probably needs an upgrade to improve quality of life and make it more appealing. Kitchen renovations are the most common upgrades homeowners choose when planning to give their home a boost. It is the most social room in...

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Of all the luxury materials used in the kitchen since decades, Granite is one hard surface material which never falls out of fashion. Selecting a perfect worktop for the kitchen can be time-consuming and difficult. Granite Universal offers a wide range of kitchen worktops for client’s homes and their...

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The kitchen is an important and functional element when it comes to a house. It is the most happening part of the house which is prone to continuous wear and tear. Kitchen worktops have to be durable and practically easy to maintain as they take a lot of spills...

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Be it a new kitchen or remodeling an old one, the important decision remains to be about the selection of a worktop. The worktop should be functional and appealing to the eye with a good amount of durability. The sheer number of options in the market for a kitchen...

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Your granite worktop is a thing of beauty. It’s the centrepiece of your kitchen, it evokes style and provides a bacteria free place to prepare food. It’s also hardy. Yet, no matter how robust your granite worktop is, it is important to carry out the correct maintenance to ensure it keeps...

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Choosing a granite worktop or countertop is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when designing your kitchen. Your worktop is not just a functional part of your kitchen where you’ll do most of your cooking and food preparation, but it’s also a critical stylistic aspect of the...

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