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A modern kitchen needs the right floor plan. Up until recently, the best kitchen floor plans were nothing to write home about. They were all about the kitchen as a place to prepare food. Now though, the kitchen has become a hub for the family, a cosy place to entertain guests, a comfortable place to study, and yes, a place to cook some tasty meals. Your kitchen needs to be all of this and more. If you don’t design your kitchen floor plan with this multi-functionality in mind, then you’re wasting a great opportunity to bring your home to life in a fun and unique way.

But how do you know when you’ve settled on the right kitchen floor plan? To help with this, we’ve compiled this nifty little list of helpful pointers to make sure you get the most out of your kitchen for many years to come.

Function Vs Form Vs Fun

When planning your perfect kitchen, you need to take three things into account. Function, form, and fun. Keep all three of these in your mind during the planning stages, and you’ll end up with a kitchen that dazzles guests and meets all your needs. Let’s take a look at each point:

  • Function: Your floor plan should do many different things, but what’s the point in it if it doesn’t let you have the kitchen you need. Think about your specific needs. Are you big on home cooking? If so, consider how much storage space for utensils you’ll need, and where they should be situated. Where will the cooker go? Do you need a special unit for a dishwasher or dryer? Are you considering eating meals in the kitchen? Maybe an island worktop will give you space for that, or a breakfast bar. Will you need some chairs or stools there? What about a place to get comfy and watch some TV? This will help pass the time while you’re cooking, and give others a reason to be in the kitchen with you while you prepare the food.
  • Form: While form is an essential ingredient to any floor plan, you’re going to have to stare at your kitchen for a very long time. It’s important to get the look of your kitchen right, and this is important when choosing the right kitchen floor plan. For example, you might have an alcove where you want to put a bookshelf, or a cosy box seat, but will the furniture match the worktops? Will the colors compliment the unit materials? When designing your kitchen floor plan, think about the materials you are going to use, and also think about how the layout will appear to any visitors. Will it be open and welcoming, or will it feel more constrained?
  • Fun: What’s the use in a great kitchen if it isn’t any fun? Imagine your guests moving into your kitchen during a party, or your family wandering around looking for somewhere to read or study. The layout of your kitchen will create an atmosphere, and if it’s not a fun one, then people won’t want to stay there. You want your kitchen to be conducive to happiness, fun, and relaxation. Think about your kitchen as the heart of your home, and make sure that its layout perfectly accentuates the positives of your personality. That leads us onto open floor and closed kitchens.

Open Floor Vs Closed Kitchen Floor Plans

There are two general approaches to floor plans, and discussing them here might help you decide which is for you. They are open and closed kitchen floor plans, and they both have their distinct advantages.

  • Open Kitchen Floor Plans: This type of floor plan is about opening up the space of your kitchen as much as possible. If you’re thinking about entertaining guests, then this is the approach for you. You might want to provide more kitchen worktops via an island for example. The point of an open floor plan like this is to make the kitchen an exciting focal point for socialising. That way, you never feel left out while preparing the food! A great way to do this is to remove part of a wall so that there’s not barrier between your kitchen and your living room. Guests can then flow from one to another, and with bright natural lighting via large windows, you can make your kitchen a real welcoming place to all.
  • Closed Kitchen Floor Plans: Not everyone wants their kitchen to be a hub for entertaining. In fact, many of us simply don’t have the space even if we wanted it to be that way. There are a number of reasons for keeping the walls around your kitchen, and for staying away from an optional island. For starters, privacy is an issue. You might want to prepare your food away from guests or the family, or perhaps you want the kitchen to be more of a quiet sanctuary rather than a buzzing hive of activity. More traditional worktops and units are great for this type of kitchen, and you can make better use of your space without that island. Perhaps some dimmer lights for a nice, relaxed environment will act as the icing on the cake for such a floor plan.

Which One is For you?

Still wondering which kitchen floor plan is best for you? Speak to one of our trained kitchen designers, and we’ll assist you in finding the kitchen which best meets your needs.

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