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Unless your bathroom and kitchen countertops are brand new, your home probably needs an upgrade to improve quality of life and make it more appealing. Kitchen renovations are the most common upgrades homeowners choose when planning to give their home a boost. It is the most social room in a home to connect with family and friends over delicious meals. The kitchen should be functionally sound and aesthetically appealing since we spend most of the precious family time there. There are various materials available in the market to choose from for the right countertops and worktops.

Granite for quality and appeal

Granite is the ultimate solid surface worktop homeowners chose for their kitchens and bathrooms. Its style and functionality attract everyone making it their number one choice. It gives the luxurious feel to the home and delights the guests who visit your home. This stone worktop is durable and resistant to everyday wear and tear. The granite stone comes in various color pallets to suit any pattern of your home décor. Since granite is the naturally occurring stone obtained from the earth, it has very high durability. The process of granite formation is very long and it gives some interesting patterns and colors to the stone which raises its appeal value.

When buying the granite, many customers concentrate on the right color to match the interiors of the home, while some naturally opt for darker shades to avoid the countertop looking messy with stains and opt for the safe colors. However, granite countertops can be easily cleaned of all the spills and marks. Granite stone is less porous and it does not easily absorb the liquid poured over it. Cleaning of the granite countertops is not a hard task. Wipe the surface gently with mild detergent and some warm water to keep it shining.

Choose right color and size

When it comes to choosing granite, buyers are encountered with 3 thickness ranges. Opt for the low or medium thickness as the high thickness granite slabs are obtained by joining two slabs together. Down the road, the glue can deteriorate and cause problems. Choose granite slabs with fewer seams as possible. The more the number of seams, granite slab looks unappealing and unsightly. Flat edge granite slabs should be chosen for modern home decors to match the cabinet styles and bullnose edged granite slabs for traditional décor. Avoid sharp-edged granite slabs altogether if you have small kids at home to avoid injuries.

Granite worktops increase the resale value of the homes and appeal to the potential buyers. The functionality, aesthetic nature and durability are the attractive features which make granite a top choice for kitchen and bathrooms. Consider how light in the kitchen plays with colors and choose a granite pattern which shines and highlights your living space. Pick light colored granite slabs if your home needs lighting up a bit. Granite slabs which come with white and gold speckles naturally brighten the room when the light hits the surface and shines.


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