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Kitchen counters are the most used surfaces and take a lot of wear and tear on daily basis. It is important to choose a right material for your kitchen worktop which is beautiful and long lasting in nature. There are a lot of options available in the market for choosing a kitchen countertop material. The quality of the slab, color pallet options, texture, ease of maintenance and budget are few deciding factors which weigh in before choosing a countertop material. The surface area where most of the kitchen work happens plays a major role in the decision. Customers often choose kitchen worktops which are easy to clean and maintain with long shelf-life.

Corian worktops are the best option available in the market among marble, granite, recycled glass and sandstone materials. These solid surface kitchen countertops mimic the look of natural stone but are relatively easier to maintain. They are cost-effective solutions to granite and marble with endless color possibilities and design patterns. The solid surface materials like Corian are made of acrylic or polyester or a combination of both. Corian stands unique both in style, look, feel and in its function.

Corian features

Corian kitchen countertops take the kitchen islands to the next level of sophistication in look and design. The unique characteristics of Corian like color, texture and how they lit the kitchen against natural light are elegant counterpoints against the traditional materials like wood, steel and glass present in the kitchen. This engineered kitchen countertop comes in more than 100 colors and patterns. With Corian, you can envision a design and make it real. Custom colors and unique patterns can be created which give a trendy makeover to your kitchen. Corian works everywhere like healthcare sector, hospitality and commercial buildings apart from residential kitchens.

Corian is an architect and designer’s foremost choice when it comes to selecting corian kitchen worktops and countertop materials. Unlike natural slab which is susceptible to dulling, scratches and abrasions over time, Corian solid surface material remains practically indestructible. The Corian color and patterns are consistent throughout the countertop making it easy to repair any scratch or ding with cleaners or sandpaper. The slabs are seamless which gives the countertop a streamlined look for owners and ultimately enhances the beauty of the kitchen. Corian solid surfaces are versatile in patterns and they perfectly fit in contemporary and traditional homes beautifully.

Functionality of Corian slab

This solid surface material is non-porous and hence is resistant to heat, cold and abrasives in the kitchen. Mold and bacteria cannot grow on the surface do not absorb any liquids spilled on it. Stains are easily removed as spills cannot penetrate easily into the solid surface material. The surface does not leave any gaps or crevices for dust and dirt to accumulate and makes cleaning the kitchen surface very easily. Warm soapy water or ammonia-based household cleaner will do the trick to maintain your Corian countertop in perfect condition. Any damage to Corian solid surface is renewable with help of experts.

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