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Be it a new kitchen or remodeled one, it takes a bit of investment to get your dream kitchen. Small changes to your kitchen can make a huge difference in its outlook. With hundreds of brands selling a range of kitchen worktops, choose one which suits your needs. The quality, design, and texture combinations should match the character of the house. Invest in a good material which requires low maintenance in the long run. The material should be durable and resistant to all the harsh spills and scratches. Granite Universal provides you with a series of different materials in various hues to compliment your home.

Why Corian stands out?

Corian is a solid surface worktop which is visually attractive and meets all the quality specifications needed for a kitchen worktop. It meets all the criteria for designs and is highly functional. The material offers a scope for reconditioning over years and thus does not lose its charm in long run. The flexibility in the designs and colors is what makes Corian material very popular as a choice of kitchen worktop. The material can be joined in a way to produce a sleek, seamless, and non-porous look. The non-porous quality makes Corian resistant to spills and stains.

Worktops stand as the center of attention as they are the most visible surfaces you find in a kitchen. So Granite Universal offers a huge selection of Corian kitchen worktops which match well with the cabinets and appliances. The experts at Granite Universal will work personally to create a seamless clean kitchen look with Corian worktops. They are passionate about delivering best designs to customers in Manchester, London. The methodological approach is followed to understand the customer’s requirement and in deciding which worktop suits them best.

Practical benefits of using Corian worktops

Corian is not a natural substance but is a man-made solid surface material comprising of 33% binding resins and 66% of minerals. Corian material is essentially non-porous and thus is considered hygienic. It does not require sealing like granite and cleaning is also very easy for solid surface material. Corian is resistant to heat and other chemicals. Acidic juices like lemon do not stain its surface. It is resistant to heavy pounding over the worktop. Corian like granite needs professional installation but it is easy to carry it and is available in any required sizes.

Corian is Malleable

Corian is particularly thermoformable which means it is easy to reshape Corian on heating due to its flexible properties. It makes the material appealing for customization as it is easy to carve and sand. Corian is available in different thickness without any change in its strength and durability. It is a versatile material and a good choice for customers who need personalized worktops of specific shape size, color, and pattern which are not possible with other materials. The material is easy to repair and chipped off edges can easily be sanded off. Corian comes with many designs and patterns including the ones which resemble a natural stone.

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