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Be it a new kitchen or remodeling an old one, the important decision remains to be about the selection of a worktop. The worktop should be functional and appealing to the eye with a good amount of durability. The sheer number of options in the market for a kitchen worktop can be overwhelming. Find a good fit for you and your family that reflects style and endures your kitchen spills. Granite worktop is the best option owing to its good strength, shine, and sparkle.

Find your sparkle

Granite Universal helps in transforming your kitchen with personalized designs and colors. Find an affordable and high-quality granite worktop with excellent finishing and polishing here. The services are available throughout the UK and your customized designs are delivered at your doorstep. They even provide installation for those in need of their services.

For granite worktops Manchester utilize the services of granite universal for timeless beauty kitchen worktops. With over 100 different colors and designs in granite stone, you can certainly find a pattern which exudes beauty and brilliance in functionality.

Styling in details

Since diamond countertops are next to impossible, the closest thing you can settle for is a granite worktop. Granite worktops are resistant to scratches and shine well, courtesy of granite industry with increasing number of color variants and patterns. Granite is a luxury material made from natural stone which stays in fashion over all decades. Installing granite countertop brings style, luxury, and sophistication to your traditional or modern kitchen.

A choice of various cuts and polishes of granite worktops are available to give the desired look to your kitchen complimenting your house. The timeless beauty of granite and its durability makes it a perfect choice as a kitchen worktop.

Let’s look at few pros

What are the key points one considers while opting for a kitchen counter top? The worktop should be durable and easy to clean. Bang! Granite does the exact job all the while maintaining the hygiene of the kitchen too.

  • It is resistant to varying temperatures of heat and coldness
  • It is also scratch resistant thus making it the best option for families involving kids
  • Water-resistant and durable: With dense pores, the chance of staining is less compared to other materials and thus retains its original look for years
  • It is easy to clean and maintain which makes it a pro-hygiene kitchen counter material.

Personalised Services

Granite universal is a customer-centric service involved in providing best kitchen worktops for clients. It assures 100% customer satisfaction on installation and services rendered. Passion for a quality supply of materials has put them on top of the business and earned a reputation as a reliable business. Reasonable pricing and delivery of value products increased the customer appeal towards their company over the years.

To achieve your dream kitchen, their team understands your requirements and works towards delivering the best possible products and services at hand. Undoubtedly you get the best granite worktops in London at Granite Universal.

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