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Of all the luxury materials used in the kitchen since decades, Granite is one hard surface material which never falls out of fashion. Selecting a perfect worktop for the kitchen can be time-consuming and difficult. Granite Universal offers a wide range of kitchen worktops for client’s homes and their experts put in some extra effort to personalize worktops for their clients on request. Pick a right material which looks elegant and suits your space and lifestyle. Granite is the solution for all your kitchen worktop worries. It meets all the ideal qualifications required for countertops and worktops. Granite brings liveliness to your kitchen and adds extra style to the overall look.

Granite worktops

Granite is not a man-made material, unlike others. It is a natural rock found on earth. It is later cut and polished into slabs of appropriate shapes and sizes. Being a natural rock, Granite has harmonious color designs with a combination of different hues. Granite is a hard surface material which is resistant to scratches and heat. It is better to clean the worktop after placing hot vessels as it may leave a mark. Granite needs sealing to acquire non-porous nature which makes it anti-bacterial and hygienic.


Though granite is naturally tough, it still needs aftercare and maintenance to preserve its shine and sparkle. Granite should be cleaned with warm water and soap after each use. The more polished a granite worktop is, the more it is sealed, and hence more stain resistant. Special cleaners and removers can be used to clean the stains if your granite is not polished. Granite Universal worktops are waterproof and resistant to stain. They come with a beautiful finish and are almost impossible to get damaged. They craft and deliver bespoke designs to make them the center of attraction in your kitchen.

For granite worktops, London, visit Granite Universal as they directly sell to customers by cutting middleman and helps in saving money. The top priority for the company is the uniform quality maintenance of all their products. They also offer all imaginable colors and designs of kitchen worktops available in the market. The aim of Granite Universal is to supply beautiful and functional kitchen worktops to their customers which last for many years with low maintenance. They believe that a kitchen of a home is a bonding place for family and friends and thus make beautiful worktops to build memorable moments.

Apart from granite, the company also deals with the manufacturing and sales of Corian kitchen worktops and quartz worktops. To have a kitchen worktop with perfect fit and fashion, Granite Universal recommends Corian worktops. All the worktops are delivered with perfect finishing touches and polish. Professional installation of worktops is required and hence they send experts to finish installations on delivery. Sport your kitchen in latest designs and patterns which compliment with the look of your home. Since kitchen worktops are a one-time investment, carefully evaluate the needs your kitchen has and shop for suitable kitchen worktops at Granite Universal.

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