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Everybody knows that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and with the days getting darker and the weather colder, we all want to spend more time indoors.

By selecting the right colours, appliances, and furnishings, you can warm up your kitchen and make it the perfect combination of cosy and inviting as well as a functional and exciting space to make delicious meals and socialise with loved ones.

So how can you warm up your kitchen this winter?

Get the colour scheme right

Nothing will make more of an impact than the colour scheme you choose. Warmth is easily created by opting for complementary colours in light pastel shades. If your taste is a little bolder, bright yellows, oranges and reds can also work well if you want to build a homely yet creative vibe.

Pay attention to your worktops

Changing your kitchen worktops can make an enormous difference to the look and feel of your kitchen. For a polished look that still emits a sense of warmth, a stylish granite worktop in Gold or Brown hues can work well. Take a look at our granite worktop range for inspiration.

If you prefer more of a matte look Corian worktops are undeniably stylish and can bring a sense of comfort without compromising on a contemporary feel. Choose from elegant shades such as Vanilla or Bone or be bold and make a statement with Banana or Fiery Red.

Use the right materials

Lots of metal and steel can look great, but if you use too much in your kitchen, it can end up seeming a little cold. If you prefer a warmer look opt for wood to give a rustic vibe, and colourful or uniquely patterned kitchen tiles can also create a welcoming atmosphere and add a touch of fun to the room as well.

It’s all about the lighting

Choosing the right lighting for a kitchen can be tricky. You want to have enough of it to make the space feel bright and light during the day, but when the evenings draw in, and dinner is bubbling away on the stove, it’s nice to create a calm and homely atmosphere, and lights that are too bright can take away from that. Kitchen spotlights are a popular choice, but investing in under cabinet lights, and feature lighting over the dining area means you have options to create the right mood.

Make the space work for you

Whether your kitchen is large or small, working with the space is essential. Soft furnishings such as comfortable chairs with throws and blankets will add to the sense of warmth, but only if there is space, otherwise the danger is that you go from cosy to cluttered in the blink of an eye. A warm kitchen doesn’t have to be disordered, and keeping things clean and simple, with a few cosy touches here and there will work much better than trying to cram too much in.

A kitchen should exude warmth and cheer and be a place for family and friends to gather, to eat and drink, to relax and unwind. Use the above tips to make your kitchen a beautiful, calm and cosy place where you can refuge from the cold this winter!

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