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The kitchen is an important and functional element when it comes to a house. It is the most happening part of the house which is prone to continuous wear and tear. Kitchen worktops
have to be durable and practically easy to maintain as they take a lot of spills and pounds every day. So when you are designing your new kitchen or remodeling it, the most important aspect to consider is the type of worktop you need to choose. Marble, granite, sandstone, tiles and much more choices are available in the market with exciting colors and designs.

Choose a worktop of your choice depending on your personality, need, durability and the sparkle you expect from it. Granite is the most desirable choice of worktop for home or garages in 2017. Granite worktops come in different colors and patterns, and it is very important to look at them before purchasing to know and understand what you will be working on with every day. Though the cost of purchasing and installing granite worktops are comparatively high, they pay for themselves in the long run.

Top factors to choose granite worktops

The lifespan of granite slabs is very high. It is almost impossible to damage them with daily kitchen routine. They easily last for 20 years without the need to replace them. Granite is
resistant to heat and water. Any amount of spills on the granite does not stain it and is very easy to clean. The Granite worktops can withstand heat without giving cracks or discoloring the surface.

For rich looking kitchens with a glossy finish, granite is a perfect choice. Since the granite worktop does not withhold any water, the possibility of contamination and growth of molds is highly impossible. Granite gives a clean and cool look for every kitchen irrespective of the size of the homes.

Unique properties of Granite

The interlocking crystal structure of Granite is what gives it strength and makes it durable. Be it knife scratches or motor and pestle workout, Granite lets you work worry-free without the stress of damaging your kitchen worktop. Granite is made of different varieties of crystals such as quartz, mica, biotite, and feldspar which give it different colors and patterns. The granite countertop makes your kitchen a timeless beauty and is quite affordable when compared to marble.

Granite worktops are very popular in Manchester, London and a huge number of stores display granite slabs in different sizes and colors. Using granite worktops boosts the value of the home when you put up for sale or for rent. They make your home attractive and increase the chances of buyer’s market. Granite worktops can be considered as a long-term investment as it reduces the need of replacement every few years. Wherever you install granite tops like kitchen or bathroom they add elegance and beauty to the place. They increase the desirability of the room in which they are installed. Just polish Granite worktops every few years to maintain their shine and sparkle.


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