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Decorating a kitchen and selecting a worktop for it is not an easy job with a lot on your plate to consider like color, design, and materials used. After listing out every necessity in choosing a worktop, the decision narrows down to few crucial factors like durability, ease of maintenance, and aesthetic appeal.

If you have chosen a quartz stone worktop, it is a smart move considering its long-lasting nature and wonderful designs. They provide beauty and excellent finish which adds elegance to the room. Having a quartz worktop is an epitome of style in the world of interior decor.

An in-depth look at quartz features

  • Unlike granite which is natural stone, quartz is a manufactured product which leaves the end product more rich and luxuriant.
  • Quartz worktops bag lot of benefits over other kitchen counter materials. If you are looking for an upscale look of your kitchen with zero maintenance, Quartz worktops are your best choice.
  • Being a non-porous material, quartz worktops do no stain at all and quick cleanups render the worktop spotless after every use.
  • There is no need of using a sealant for every few years to maintain the shine of the quartz worktop because of its non-porous nature.
  • Quartz worktops also come in numerous colors and designs making clients happier with endless choices.
  • The material is hard and sturdy which makes it durable in the long run.
  • It is heat, scratch, and water resistant making it most sought-out material as a kitchen countertop.
  • Being a stain-free material, quartz worktop is well recommended for its infection-resistant feature.

Granite universal

Discover beautiful designs and stunning finishes of quartz worktops at Granite Universal to complete your perfect kitchen. Quartz worktops are cut carefully under expert supervision and polished to give the best shine. The perfect finishing with uniform designs making them attractive kitchen worktops. Quartz is the present trend for kitchen renovation with the grandeur it exerts to the kitchen.  This robust hard-wearing material is heavier than granite and requires care while handling and installations.

Craftsman handling quartz at their workshop mix resins to natural quartz and engineer it to create it as one of the hardest material on the surface of Earth. Simple care like wiping of the counter after work ensures long-lasting shine of the quartz worktops. This worktop can handle heavy equipment and kitchen machinery.

Customized services

Granite universal is one of the top leading suppliers of quartz-worktops all over the UK. Upon requesting a free quote, price estimation is given to the potential customers. The passion for making beautiful and durable worktops with economic prices has made them stand apart from crowd. They believe in making your kitchen a family bonding place.

Get personalized designs and services with installation and door delivery of your worktops with Granite Universal. Most of the services are rendered within a week of order of the product making, it a reliable store for all customers in UK.

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